In early 2012, I left Facebook game development to return to the paper game industry. My goal was to work exclusively on board, card and miniature games I would be passionate about. Since then, I have been busy doing nothing but that … and now it’s time to talk about cool stuff in progress:

Codename: Victorian Masterminds

My first co-design with Antoine Bauza, this game has been picked up by French publisher Space Cowboys and will release either in late 2016 or early 2017.

Status: Late development/Mid production

Codename: Which Side Are You On?

My second co-design with Bruno Faidutti, this is a “social deduction” card game (although we had no idea this was a genre back when we designed it) for 4-8 players. We’ve been improving it for years now, and it’s finally good enough to meet our standards, and was picked up by Repos Productions, who will release either late 2016 or early-mid 2017, depending on how development continues.

Status: Early Development/Production

Codename: Dropbear

This is a cute-as-a-button little family style game I’ve wanted to do for awhile, inspired by a simple title I came up with while out on a walk one morning. I’ve worked on several different versions, and after talking with publisher Funforge, we agreed on a game that they can really apply their amazing creative talents toward. This is going to be a real production, and one of my first true family games. Can’t wait!

Status: Early redesign

Codename: Sunrise

This is my follow up to Blood Rage, a big box epic game for Cool Mini or Not, with all the toys and theme worship I love. Because of the box size and component count, many will compare it to Blood Rage but it is a very different game experience, and my testers are loving it so far.

Status: Mid-design

Codename: Suitcase

Another big box game for Cool Mini or Not, this title is based on a really cool property, and that has not changed much from the very first prototype. It just came together and hummed. We’re now working on development and starting production for later this year.

Status: Late Development / Early Production

Update: This game has been announced as The Godfather: The Board game, and will likely release early 2017. 

Codename: Rawr

This one’s a doozy. It will be a huge game, co-designed with Kevin Wilson, for a publisher we can’t disclose at this point. When they announce the game, I will be talking about it like crazy. Keen an eye out.

Status: Mid-development/Early production

Update: This game has been announced as MUNCHKIN: Collectible Card Game from Steve Jackson Games. Hopeful release in Q1 2017.

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