In early 2012, I left Facebook game development to return to the paper game industry. My goal was to work exclusively on board, card and miniature games I would be passionate about. Since then, I have been busy doing nothing but that … and now it’s time to talk about cool stuff in progress:

Codename: Shipwreckers

My first co-design with Bruno Faidutti, this game has been picked by French publisher Lui-Meme, who is in the process of creating art and packaging.

This is a clever and nasty little game where 2-4 unsavoury players (dis)agree about how to split the loot from a shipwreck. Seconds to learn, about 20 minutes to play … I’m excited to see this one in stores.

Status: Late production

Codename: Victorian Masterminds

My first co-design with Antoine Bauza, this game has been picked up by French publisher Space Cowboys and will release either in late 2016 or early 2017.

Status: Late development/Mid production

Codename: Which Side Are You On?

My second co-design with Bruno Faidutti, this is a “social deduction” card game (although we had no idea this was a genre back when we designed it) for 4-8 players. We’ve been improving it for years now, and it’s finally good enough to meet our standards, and was picked up by Repos Productions, who will release either late 2016 or early-mid 2017, depending on how development continues.

Status: Early Development/Production

Codename: Dropbear

This is a cute-as-a-button little family style game I’ve wanted to do for awhile, inspired by a simple title I came up with while out on a walk one morning. I’ve worked on several different versions, and after talking with publisher Funforge, we agreed on a game that they can really apply their amazing creative talents toward. This is going to be a real production, and one of my first true family games. Can’t wait!

Status: Early redesign

Codename: Sunrise

This is my follow up to Blood Rage, a big box epic game for Cool Mini or Not, with all the toys and theme worship I love. Because of the box size and component count, many will compare it to Blood Rage but it is a very different game experience, and my testers are loving it so far.

Status: Mid-design

Codename: Suitcase

Another big box game for Cool Mini or Not, this title is one is a little bit out of my comfort zone, but based on a really cool property that many

Status: Late design/Early Development

Codename: Dream

My third game to come from CMON

Status: Late Development/Production. Soon to be announced.

Codename: Rawr


Status: Mid-development/Early production

Codename: ZOMG!

Another game and world from my own twisted imagination, ZOMG is to be announced by a major publisher in early spring. This “nostalgic power fantasy” is a very risky design, playing with a lot of my favorite gaming cliches growing up but delivering them in a cool new context, influenced by computer games I’ve enjoyed over the last decade. I think it will resonate with gamers both young and young at heart.

Status: Reboot/In early design

Update: I honestly have no idea whether this game will ever see the light of day. 


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